I have had quite a few experiences similar to this, but NEVER on anything even close to THIS scale!

Mick Gorden has been through the ringer…


Locals seem pretty smart here!

New Zealanders are known for their ingenuity and many local musicians have taken novel musical approaches to achieve international success. This creative attitude extends to local inventors and entrepreneurs, who have come up with some innovative gadgets to aid and inspire music makers in their creative process. This list attempts to capture some of the broad range of musical products that are designed, and often built, here in Aotearoa.


Incredibly proud to have been involved with this:

More than two years ago,  I bought a µFreak, it is easily the most fun synth I’ve had in 30 years… but I had a few thoughts…

So, I had a conversation with the brilliant welcoming people at Arturia.

That ended up with me being quite deeply involved in the development of this absolutely superb instrument.

The Arturia miniFreak,  If your a synth geek, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Arturia's MiniFreak is a 6-voice hybrid synth with analogue filters


And the lovely Loopop seems to like it !






A Slam Edit…  then the Exhausting version… 

A Review!  from the ever inquisitive sonic explorer Marc Weidenbaum who runs an essential site and mail list for anyone interested in sonics.

“Thanks. I dig this. It’s spacious and succinct at the same time, It’s got a Bill Laswell vibe a bit.”

Just very VERY poorly edited (NeedleDrop) set of moments from a 2 and a half hour improvisational session with Patrick Higgins, aka…   Badrico.

We are both contributing synthetics, and percussion etc…  Patrick via a wind controller and keys, (I think), im playing Bass, El guitar, µFreak and percussion and sound effects.

Mix is a mess because its a live performance and we have to manage as we go…

Just Hit Play:  and trance out for 23 mins.


Or… if your a sucker for punishment, or need a longer time out…

The 90 min version, Still some bad edits…

Panama 1989

So back in1989 a friend (C Giles) and i did a STEINSKY inspired track, all done on a Tascam 4 track cassette, Ensoniq, SQ80, a DX7 and an Akai S900. We created a beat track, then performed the rest in live to tape then sampled bits of the radio news reports as it was coming in live.

The way the reporter was expressing totally justifiable fear, (understandable) but also some indignation that he was not ‘TOLD’ really spoke volumes about US entitlement!

We finished the track 45 mins after the news report had ended ran off a normal cassette and walked down to the national radio station, 2JJ.

We told the on air DJ what we had done, and he playefd it (unlistend) to Australia 10 mins later. One of the best experiences of my musical production life.


A Certain Throb… 

Sometimes things REALLY come together fast…

HUGE UPS to the always TOTALLY ON  @Badrico

How it Started…

Where we went…

Where we ended up.