Not so… 

5 years ago Tim Exile created a completely amazing global music creation application called Endlesss.

Inception incredible
Execution ingenious
Experience involving
Swerves utterly inexplicable
Insolvency fucking inevitable

Gutting to watch such a stunningly brilliant idea…


A Slam Edit…  then the Exhausting version… 

A Review!  from the ever inquisitive sonic explorer Marc Weidenbaum who runs an essential site and mail list for anyone interested in sonics.

“Thanks. I dig this. It’s spacious and succinct at the same time, It’s got a Bill Laswell vibe a bit.”

Just very VERY poorly edited (NeedleDrop) set of moments from a 2 and a half hour improvisational session with Patrick Higgins, aka…   Badrico.

We are both contributing synthetics, and percussion etc…  Patrick via a wind controller and keys, (I think), im playing Bass, El guitar, µFreak and percussion and sound effects.

Mix is a mess because its a live performance and we have to manage as we go…

Just Hit Play:  and trance out for 23 mins.


Or… if your a sucker for punishment, or need a longer time out…

The 90 min version, Still some bad edits…

Some NICE work here. Jam with the short handles!

Jam with the short handles! Had some very special moments with cng303 (Chris Ng ) and mng (Mongi)

These moments appear fleetingly and then morph and twist into new shapes in a matter of mins.

I captured these a few mins apart.

Some Rather FUN(ky) moments

Massive THANK YOU to:

FancySpectacles, AndyMac, Andrej Avramovic , Luke1248* and Swinney*   (*links please)

This was KILLER, before I started ruining things

Horns, stand please!

Getting somewhat Huge

Ok reset… 

Keyboards revenge…

Nice line…

Settling back down.


THEN ya log in the next day and its … Boggling work by LOOP, Bananapoep and Swinney

small vid HUGE vibe!