Big Red Tractor

Terry Chellappah : Bass, Vocals, Electronic Drums, Synth, Bugal.

Neville Anderson: Drum Kit,  Electronic Drums, Electronic Percussion.

Kirke Godfrey:  Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synths, Electronic Percussion, Trumpet.

From Perth West Australia 1982 – 83 where we were received very generously by the locals who were starved for original sounds then onward to Melbourne  to Sydney New South Wales 1984-86 where again we seemed to be treated well by enthusiastic locals who were very forgiving of our sometimes rough improvisational approach…

And heres a WIP of a Reworking of Forgotten Pleasure. In some ways it’s just an excuse to play in LogicX and reminisce like a sad old fart.

The intro is pretty quiet, so be warned before turning it up…