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  • Had the pleasure of giving a talk at Massey Uni here in Wellington to a very welcoming cohort!

  • A project I’ve been deeply involved with for the last 12 months or so, the Arturia miniFreak and its virtual doppelgänger, the miniFreak-V are now…  RELEASED! 

  • Alpha testing some new musical instrument hardware <miniFreak by Arturia) that’s so bogglingly fun, I can hardly believe I got to help design it!

  • Observing some quite cult like behaviour in a software startup, and wondering if the actual owners of the company have noticed or care.

  • Been trying to wrap my head around the entire NFT and Web3 thing, as it perhaps offers some good things, but seems to be currently rife with scams, rip off merchants and all round shonky behaviours. 

  • Exploring UVI Falcon as a platform for new sample libraries

  • Put forward a design for an audio interface to a rather fantastic music audio and software company, lets see if it happens.

  • Been continuing to assist some very clever people with Kontakt instrument design. 

  • Had a rather dizzyingly early start a few mornings ago to jam with Imogen Heap via Endlesss

  • Head down on 2 seperate and equally exciting sound design gigs from New Zealand and the UK.  

  • Recovering from… That bug. 

  • Gearing up to move to from Istanbul to Morocco for an extended residency. 

  • Totally amazed at how badly the Australian govt is dealing with this global health crisis.

  • Incredibly impressed by how the NZ govt is dealing with this global health crisis. 

  • Completed new track Trace with Trevor Richards in Fremantle WA.

  • Assisting the loverly Pendle Poucher with some of his Sound Dust UK Kontakt Instruments.

  • Completed my input into Psalterd Zither with the very brilliant Modwheel. NZ

  • Completed my input into Bass Banjo with the very brilliant Modwheel.

  • Released WaveSkimmer with the very brilliant Modwheel,  and the reviews are GREAT!

  • Completing Music for Mark Pesce Aust

  • Completed my input into Perc +  with the very brilliant  Modwheel.

  • Completed my input into Timphonia  with the very brilliant  Modwheel.

  • Finished off an album of somewhat what keeps being described as ‘Very Perth Sounding’ pop rock tracks with Fremantle artist Trevor Richards, LINKS!

  • Writing bass lines for a US rock outfit City Rain.  Update: (They have now exploded due to ‘artistic differences/egomania’)

  • Completed the score and mix on an allegorical autobiographical short film score (not about me) 

  • Finished lecturing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Really a shame, as there are so many good people, being forced to work under horrible conditions / people.

  • No Longer having to deal with the horror of spreadsheets.

  • On-going researching for an [f]Art installation project.

  • Pretty much capitulated to the fact my brain just can’t deal with MAX/MSP despite the amazing turorials from SAM  

  • Looking wistfully at the swell  at my local beach. 


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