Recording Facility

Kirke Godfrey is delighted to announce the opening of his new facility, ShapedNoise – Bringing the life and vibe, of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach to your recordings, whether you like it or not. 

Shaped Noise Studio
Bringing the life and vibe of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach to your recordings, whether you like it or not.
  • The control room is cramped, and has appalling acoustics.
  • There’s no live room as such, and no outboard, plus there’s constant noise from drunken tourists passing by, and the bus stop situated just outside.
  • Hardware consists of a G4 Powerbook which often starts up, with a whopping 250 MB of RAM, and running Mac OS 8.3.  (yes 8.6 is WAY more stable, but Im hipster Retro)
  • The audio interface is built right into the computer so there’s no noisy external preamps required!
  • Microphones amount to the versatile built-in Powerbook microphone, offering multi-pattern responses simply by adjusting the angle of the computer screen.
  • There’s also an iPod USB cable. (Update, sorry its broken and shortest out your phone)
  • Monitoring used to include Yamaha NS10s (not pictured as they were destroyed by the studio’s live-in, and for the most part feral, cat. Consequently patrons are advised to bring headphones, or avail themselves of the stereo monitoring courtesy of the G4 Powerbook’s very own built in speaker system.
  • A USB controller keyboard with a few stuck notes rounds out the amazing facility.
  • The DAW platform of choice at ShapedNoise is Opcode’s venerable Studio Vision Pro v1.
  • A dubious single-layer DVD burner, and an external hard drive with 150 MB of free space (available for hire at an additional fee, but please bring a fire-wire cable).
  • Plus, there’s a power strip with at least two spare spaces for any outboard gear clients choose to bring along.
  • Additionally, the Ikea glass top desk adds wonderful ‘early reflections’ to your recordings, no matter where you place the built in microphone.
  • We understand that seating is such a personal matter, I have opted to not provide any furniture, so clients can bring whatever seating they prefer – beanbags may well improve the diabolical acoustics.
  • Bear in mind that the proprietor’s behaviour ranges from bitter and argumentative, through to violently hostile.
  • For a clearer idea of my disinterested and rather dispiriting attempts of audio engineering, contact me.