Option 2: Accept that we are deluding ourselves.

Get Ready for the Forever Plague

Public health officials’ COVID complacency has opened the door to new illnesses and devastating long-term damage.

First read this by Andrew Nikiforuk:


Then while ya all fired up and trying to reject it:



Jacinda Ardern

Given the shattering deluge of violent misogynistic abuse levelled at her by the ‘right wing’ I totally understand why she’s stepping back, but…

 I’m still totally GUTTED!

She’s been brilliant as a PM of New Zealand, and led the world on how to respond to catastrophic  events, while right wing govts and media globally have been been, by their actions and inaction,  directly responsible for thousands of deaths, so of course, the same have spent all their toxic energy trying to undermine her.

She was prime minister through the country’s darkest times. “She did so with absolute dignity while managing to keep our country’s economic status in line with the most successful OECD countries in the world.”

“Prime Minister @JacindaArdern has guided New Zealand through crises and seized opportunities by leading with foresight, integrity and empathy. Her country is better off because of her remarkable leadership—and the rest of us are too.”